Landi Spearman is a trusted advisor who has worked with results-driven executives and entrepreneurs, like you, who are publicly-regarded as the best in class.


 Here's what Landi has observed:

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Landi’s commitment

1) To help Executives and established entrepreneurs become aware of what they sense has been missing from their life.

 2) Close that gap.

You may have lost your sense of self and identity outside of your corporate persona. Before long, this can be a blow to your relationships and business results, and most certainly, to your personal fulfillment and well-being. 

Throughout her 18+ years of corporate success, Landi has partnered with executives of Fortune 500 companies and CEOs of small businesses to accelerate growth, improve internal processes, and increase profits.

She has the gift of solving complex problems as well as tapping into unseen opportunities. Beyond that, Landi has used the sum of her experiences to develop tools and methodologies to empower executives struggling with misalignment in their work and personal lives. Many are still holding onto stifling beliefs, patterns, and pain from childhood and seasons of trauma that drastically impact their decision-making and overall success in business.

Landi’s commitment is to help executives 1) become aware of what they sense has been missing from their life, and 2) close that gap.


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