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How do you SHIFT your work and personal life post COVID19 for 2021?

Alone is hard.

Collective is better.

Now more than ever we have to help each other 

 Some of my most respected friends and I, have come together to offer new

Live Online Classes

designed to help you navigate

these hectic times.

  • It is impossible to ignore the fundamental SHIFT that has impacted us all. Together we must create new ways to overcome challenges by adapting quickly, leveraging tech and harnessing THE power of the collective.

  • This collective experience is designed exclusively for emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and Millennials to work together on personal development, for professional growth. 

  • This space has been created to help you to feel inspired, safe and more confident.

  • To equip you with the adaptive, interpersonal and real-world skills needed to transcend change, reduce frustration and overwhelm.

This is practical advice and key skills not taught in college or on the job, but by my friends and colleagues who impact others everyday in the work they do.

Landi Spearman

The Millennial Whisperer

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Millennial Collective Masterclass

Are you working too much? Is your work-life balance becoming increasingly difficult to manage? Do you want to meet your revenue and career goals without sacrificing your wellbeing?


Build your ability to SHIFT by becoming more present and adaptable with Millennial Collective Masterclass from Landi & Co.

Take part in extended live coaching and leave with the words and the why, that inspire you to SHIFT.


This masterclass equips you to change your mindset from being overwhelmed, to creating realistic achievement plans, and setting micro-commitments to focus on what matters most.


Unpack what makes a great SHIFT statement


In this live online class, Landi Spearman will help you nail down what your SHIFT should look like and how to make SHIFT happen.


December 10 at 1:00PM CST

Landi Spearman, Speaker and CEO at Organized SHIFT

Transforming Conversations into Sales

Wesleyne Greer, Founder/CEO at Transformed Sales

How to Fascinate in 3D: Difference, Diversity & Disruption

JeNae Johnson, Founder/CEO at CTM Unlimited

Navigating a New Normal: Soft Skills for Now & a Post COVID World

Many are wondering how to navigate our current reality and life post COVID. With change here, there are key soft skills that are useful to navigating this moment. During this session, we’ll focus on strategies for effective communication, collaboration, setting boundaries, and problem solving.


Join Ashley live on:

December 9 at 5:00 PM CST


If you can't attend live, still register. You will have access to the replay for 30 days

Ashley Martin, Soft Skills Strategist at Leadership Lady

Essential Keys to Build an Exciting Personal Brand with Video

Kala Philo, CEO/Visibility Velocity Strategist at Mirror Your Brilliance

Approaching Life With Ease And Effort Through Intentional Self-Care

Kevia Jones,  Meditation strategist and serial entrepreneur

Standing In Your Truth: How to Be a Rockstar and Get People To Love Raving About You

This class will offer easy to use tools and techniques to boost your confidence and own a room (even as you appear not to be!).

Did you know, "Yes" and "No" show up reliably in your body? That every room/conversation/individual has a secret power grid?  That you can stave off unwanted conversations while not being rude and making the other person think it was their idea!?  Learn how!



Join Dr. Charlene Brown live on:


December 8 at 5:00PM CST


If you can't attend live, still register. You will have access to the replay for 30 days

Charlene (Charli) M. Brown, Ph.D., Transformative Transpersonal Trainer

Finding Calm through the Hustle

Astoria Stubbs MBA,  Educator and Stylist at Great Clips Inc.


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